This company advertises Medicare supplemental insurance in order to get into your home to pressure you to buy annuities, some of which will only mature after you are dead. They will tie up your money so you can not get at it.

They are a bunch of HIGH PRESSURE *** bags. Do not call them and never let them in your home. This company needs to be investigated by the states attorney generals of the states that it cons people in.

AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! They have been exposed on national TV to be a fraudulent, deceptive, group of high pressure *** men who prey on the elderly.

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As a two-time cancer survivor and a patient of Cleveland Clinic (one of the best clinics in the world) I've had a Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement for 10 years. Never in my cancer history did they ever quibble about paying their share and were very professional.

My wife and myself recently switched our supplements to United of Omaha (a affiliate of Mutual of Omaha) and reduced our monthly premiums by 80 percent.

I hope United will be as good as Mutual of Omaha. My wife and I highly recommed the Mutual of Omaha company.


Hmmm.....really....I actually represent that company and spoke to 3 elderly clients today and NEVER once discussed an annuity. I only discuss them if my client asks me to do so.

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