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The agent and sales rep,never told me about the hidden charges on the advantage gold plus plan,as i signed and order my insulin,i was told i have to pay $ 360.upfront deductible fee,without any reason,they put hold and halted my all medications,i am retired and did not have any savings to pay that big amount,and have to borrow to pay,this senseless Humana is acting very inhuman way to deal old retirees and charging too much for all...
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rollo2016 Read your plan info and you will probably see that there is a yearly deductible that you have to meet(pay for)before Humana pays anything. The devil is in the details, as the ...

I liked
  • Very bad
I didn't like
  • Poor service
  • Humana pharmacy
We joined Humana Gold Plus HMO this year. They sent a big booklet listing 40 dentists within five miles of our house. Unfortunately none of them take Humana Gold Plus HMO and we haven't found any dentist closer than 15 miles and that only through our agent. When I called Humana the agent said that they only had the same list as us and couldn't say which dentists actually accepted the plan. The lack of accurate information from Humana is...
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I liked
  • Attitude of agents on the phone
I had been taking Crestor for years back when I was paying Humana $2000 a month for insurance because I had pre-existing autoimmune disease.Once I had to buy in on the healthcare market the exact same coverage went down to $650 a month. They promptly denied the Crestor and forced me onto another drug. That drug gave me toxic hepatitis. Now I can not even take the Crestor. The only drug for cholesteral I can take is Welchol. Because of the...
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I didn't like
  • Stall tactics
  • Unwillingness to help